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Full Spectrum CBD Tinctures

Helping people manage stress, pain, and sleeplessness.

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3rd Party Lab Tested
Natural Farming Practices

Organic CBD

Our organic CBD oil tincture is pure, potent, and crafted from full spectrum organic hemp flowers grown organically on a small, independent farm.

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why do people use organic cbd?

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Quiet and Calm Your Mind

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Sleep Well and Feel Refreshed

cbd oil benefits for anxiety


Ease and Soothe Your Joints


Purchasing CBD oil can be confusing.  Aunt Bonnie wants your CBD journey to be easy, comfortable, and effective. 

It’s helpful to understand that CBD comes in many different strengths.  We find that new users often start with weak CBD and aren’t able to find the relief and support they were looking for.  That’s why we formulated our Starter Strength CBD, which is strong enough to decrease tension and support relaxation. We like to call it CBD Bliss. 

Once you’re familiar with our Starter Strength CBD, we also offer Extra Strength Full Spectrum Hemp Oil (CBD), which is a potent formula to help maximize the effects of Full Spectrum Hemp Oil (CBD).  

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High Standards"
~Aunt Bonnie

3rd party lab tested
Natural Farming Practices

why do people use cbd?


Life gets busy. The constant rush causes stress, tension, and anxiety.
CBD can help with a sense of calm and relaxation.*


A busy mind can keep you tossing and turning.
CBD can help you get a more restful night's sleep.*


Sore, stiff, muscles and joints? Target areas with CBD Lotion and Sports Balm.


Lots of laughs will be found at a ladies' night with CBD pre-rolls or Full Spectrum Hemp Gummies.

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what is full spectrum hemp oil

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Fall asleep faster and enjoy longer periods of undisrupted sleep so you can wake up feeling refreshed.


"The CBD softgel caps are just what I needed to help me sleep."

-Kelley G.

Calming CBD gummies

When life gets hectic and it feels overwhelming take a CBD gummy.  Calm you down so you can have a better day.

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See Why Our Customers Love CBD

verified ownerverified owner

Capsules Work great to keep me from waking up and staying up for hours in the middle of the night. I haven’t slept this good is a couple of years!!

2 months ago
Wendy V.
verified ownerverified owner

Great products and very fast service. Mine came within a couple of days ordering it.

2 months ago
Jena B.
verified ownerverified owner

This helps calm my Australian Shepard every day.

3 months ago
verified ownerverified owner

I’ve tried more expensive products that had less effect. Very satisfied!

3 months ago
Larry M.
verified ownerverified owner

My first time using cbd : this works wonders on my neck and shoulders

3 months ago

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⭐ 64% of cbd users take cbd foR pain.

⭐ 49% of CBD Users take CBD for Anxiety & Stress.

⭐ 42% of users take CBD for sleep & insomnia.

~Singlecare Survey 2020

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