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Mouth Tape


Wellness and breathing are intertwined!   Sound is one of the leading causes of sleeping interruptions. Stop snoring with mouth tape to clear the noise. Nearly 75% of sleep study participants who share a bed with a mouth breather said they are woken up at least once per night by their partner’s mouth breathing/snoring.

Nasal breathing with mouth tape helps support:

Better sleep, and when you sleep better you look better

Decrease snoring and dry mouth

Overall digestion

Boosts Energy

Hormonal health

Dental hygiene



In each pack, you’ll receive 30 Sleep Mouth Tapes, which offer support for natural nasal breathing, enhancing your sleep quality, and assisting in minimizing snoring and drooling while you rest. Made in the USA, this skin-friendly tape is odorless and non-irritating.



How it works


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