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Detox & Clean Eating For Better Health (Vegetarian )


This clean eating detox is for you if you are experiencing:

Poor Sleep Quality

Joint Pain / Inflammation

Unexplained Weight Gain or Bloating

Low Energy Levels

Brain Fog or Difficulty Concentrating

Digestive Issues


-You may want to consider adding a sugar free cbd product (not the gummies) such as the full spectrum of hemp oil or 30mg CBD softgel to help with any discomfort during the detox or if you use CBD gummies for sleep you will need to substitute with a sugar free option.  Some experience sugar or caffeine withdrawal headaches or back pain when detoxification occurs.

*This detox can be made vegan with your substitutions.   The substitutions are not listed in the detox.

Please note:  Due to the digital download refunds are not available for this product.  You will have the option to download the detox guides after checkout.  The guides will also be emailed to you for download and saved to your Aunt Bonnie’s account under downloads.

How it works
Reduced Joint Pain
Increase Energy
Promotes Healthy Sleep
Promotes Less Stress

About the Program

Change the way you feel and look with a two-week gut detox program designed to help you restore your gut health!

Maybe you find yourself feeling bloated and uncomfortable after eating, struggling with fatigue or sleep problems, or just generally not feeling your best. If any of this sounds familiar, our gut detox program could be just what you need!  And of course, you do, because toxins are EVERYWHERE!  Those toxins are impossible to ignore when they begin to chip away at your energy and health and set you up for feeling awful… nearly all of the time!
BUT It’s not your fault..

What you've been trying isn't working


What You Really Need Is

A reduction

in toxins in your environment and your diet so you can detox and restore your gut health.

A structured plan

that helps guide you through food choices and routines focused on your gut health.

Gut boosting support

to help your body’s health and wellness.

And if you’re thinking there is no way you’re going to find all of that in one easy-to-follow program..

Let me tell you about…

The New Gut, New You Detox

The best holistic approach to flushing toxins, reviving your gut and more, and helping you reclaim your body in just two weeks!

Toxins in your body can cause issues within your body that are manifested on the outside, like dry and flabby skin, rashes, acne, and increased belly fat. When your digestive system is full of toxins, you may also experience bloating, constipation, fatigue, and other uncomfortable gut issues. The good news is that there are a number of simple and effective ways to cleanse your gut and detox your body.

I believe that health and wellness starts in the kitchen and that the right foods can support better sleep, increase your energy, enhance your mood and clarity, and decrease achy joints.  The wrong foods can disrupt your sleep and hormones, increase inflammation and pain and leave you feeling moody. 

I want to share the power of healthy eating with you.  I’ve teamed up with a health & wellness expert certified in integrative nutrition and advanced detoxification to bring you this clean eating detox.  It is my hope that you find a well rounded approach to improving your health with this program. 

~Vallis Goodermote | Aunt Bonnie’s Founder

Why Should I Detox?

To help your body flush out those nasty toxins, The New Gut, New You Detox puts you on the right path to get your body back into excellent health!
The Prep/Phase 1:

During Phase 1 you'll have 4 days to prepare yourself for the 14 day detox. You’ll spend the first phase of the program cleaning up your eating habits and preparing your body and kitchen for what’s in store. You will start to eliminate a list of common allergenic foods, and introduce deliciously – nutrient dense whole foods into your body. During this phase, you can pick and choose your meals and snacks from the over 50+ tasty recipes.


(Days 1-7) During the first 7 days you'll eliminate certain foods that can contribute to gut inflammation and digestive issues. At the same time, you'll be incorporating plenty of nutritious, gut-healing foods and supplements to help support detoxification and gut repair.


(Day 8-14) During Phase 3, we will slowly add potentially triggering foods back into your diet over the course of 7 days, or longer if need be. Individuals with a history of food allergies, digestive issues, or unexplained health issues might want to extend the reintroduction of sensitive foods past 7 days. If you have a KNOWN ALLERGY, you WILL NOT reintroduce it.

By the end of the two weeks, you should notice improved digestion, more energy, better skin, and an overall sense of well-being!

If you're noticing any of the following signs, it might be time for a detox:

Removing all those toxins from your system takes time, but it can give you back your health, improve your skin tone, increase your immunity, and help you lose weight in a natural way.

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Frequently Asked Questions


What is a detox?

detox is a set of actions designed to decrease or remove toxins and waste from your body. Your body does this naturally, every day by excreting things through bowel movements, sweating and urinating. However, many factors can weaken this normal function and hinder your body’s ability to eliminate these kinds of harmful substances. When your system becomes overloaded, toxins begin to buildup in the body and the result impacts overall health. Body detox and cleansing helps to release this burden.

What is a toxin?

A toxin is any substance which is harmful to your body. Pollution, poisons, chemicals, synthetics, artificial foods and by-products.

Toxins can be absorbed through the skin and mucous membranes, from food, water and air.

Can I exercise while doing this detox?

Exercise helps flush out toxins and helps release stored stress and tension. Exercise helps to promote positive thinking, boost your confidence and calms your mind; it also overall improves a sense of health and wellbeing. Break a sweat in a fun way every day but adjust if necessary.

What if I'm hungry?

You can eat as much food as your body needs – though it’s important to begin to feel the difference between true hunger, blood sugar imbalance, and/or cravings that can indicate nutrient deficiencies.
Many detox-fans come to enjoy not feeling full or heavy from eating foods they don’t really need. It becomes enjoyable to fully experience true hunger because you know that your body has rested and digested and now needs more nourishment.

Is removing all sugar from the diet dangerous?

Sugar, in its refined form, is not a nutritional requirement and essentially robs the body of nutrients and plays a significant role in inflammation and weight gain. There are no known dangers caused by abstaining from sugar (humans lived sugar-free for thousands of years!).

Do I have to take any additional supplements or pills?

The only supplement I recommend that everyone take daily is a probiotic, and you’ll learn why in this program and we've added an optional CBD supplement.

How will I feel during this program?

You will be amazed by how healthy and energized you feel! At the beginning of detox, your body may go through a “cleansing phase” to re-balance itself. It is important to listen to your body through this program, and I will be here to support you with that. I will guide you gradually through exactly what can be done to reduce any unwanted symptoms that may show up. This program is completely flexible because we’re here to figure out what works for YOU!

I already eat super clean; can I still benefit from this program?

Many people who eat very clean diets can still benefit from a detox program to take their healthy habits to the next level. Introducing new foods gives our digestion time to rest and reset, which can be helpful for anyone regardless of their current eating habits.

New Gut, New You


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