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Chaga Tincture


2oz | Dual Extracted 

While commonly referred to as a mushroom, Chaga is a fungal canker that primarily grows on birch trees. This dense woody mass contains beta-glucans, melanin, inotodiol and birch compounds like betulin and betulinic acid that can help to support your immune system.

Chaga offers a natural way to protect and support healthy digestive functions.  Its effects are useful for helping to calm flare ups in the stomach or intestines, which could otherwise impede digestion and limit nutrient absorption. Chaga is also a natural source of dietary fiber.

Chaga contains an incredible amount of antioxidants due to the amount of polyphenols it contains. In fact, Chaga has the highest ORAC score (the measure of antioxidant potency) of any superfood.

Chaga is rich in Beta-D-Glucans which help balance the response of the body’s immune system. This means that chaga boosts the immune system when necessary, but slows it down when it’s overactive.

Chaga extract can be taken directly on the tongue or added to water,  juice, hot tea, coffee, or chai.

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