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Buy Two Get One 30% Off: Calming Dog Chews


10mg CBD per dog chew / 25 treats per bag

A pet CBD chew made with USA-grown hemp and only wholesome, grain-free ingredients.

Premium US Hemp

 Perfect for travel or stressful situations

 Aids in healthy skin & joints

Pet favorite, bacon-flavored

All Natural Grain-free ingredients

THC free

How To Use CBD Dog Chews:
  • Stress: Give your anxious pup a CBD treat when they are in need of calming such as before a trip to the vet, do park, or car ride.  Administer treat 1-2 hours before needed.   Effects typically last 6-8 hours.
  • Relief: Your aging dog may need some joint & discomfort relief.  Administer treat 1-2 hours before needed.   Effects typically last 6-8 hours.

Refer to weight guide on package & in photos for dose guide

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ “My dog is really anxious.  We love these treats!  They help alot.”  Sara L.


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About the Product

3rd Party Lab Tested
USDA certified Organic CBD
USDA Organic CBD
Natural Farming Practices

See Why Our Customers Love CBD for Dogs

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How Our CBD for Dogs is Crafted With Care

Supporting Small Farmers

Our full-spectrum hemp is grown with care on small American farms following organic farming practices.

Full Spectrum

Our products contain full-spectrum hemp extract so you can experience the synergistic power, or the "Entourage Effect" of all of the plant's cannabinoids working together.

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Tested & Toxin Free

We strive to produce pure and potent products. We continuously test our products to ensure our products are safe.

When to Give Dogs CBD

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Traveling. Loud noises. Anxiousness.

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Support Healthy Joints

cbd hemp oil for pets

Relieves discomfort

A Natural Way To Help Your Dog

Our CBD oil for dogs contain powerful cannabinoids to help your furry friend feel better, face distressful situations, and get the rest they need.

Why should I give my dog CBD?

Dogs get stressed too.  CBD can work quickly to improve the life of your dog.


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High Quality CBD

Frequently Asked Questions


Whats included in the Pet Bundle?

Bundle includes: 
3 Hemp Bites for Dogs

(1) All Natural Dog Hemp Bites (25 Bites per pkg)
250g CBD bites per bag
10mg CBD per bite
25 CBD treats per pack

How much CBD should I give my dog or cat?

Organic CBD for dogs & cats Oil Bacon Flavored:
Apply to your pet’s food, drop some on a treat, or deliver directly into their mouth. 

1 dropper = 1 ml (15mg CBD)

Small cat/dog (20 lbs) = 1 ml dropper (15mg CBD)
Medium dog (50lbs) = 2 ml droppers (30mg CBD)
Large dog (>75lbs) = 3 ml droppers (45mg CBD)
All Natural Dog Hemp Bites
Give to dog as a treat or add into their dish with their food.

1 treat = 20mg CBD

0-20lbs = .5 to 1 treat
20-45lbs = 1-2 treats
45-70lbs=2-4 treats
70-100lbs =4-6 treats
100lbs+ = 6-12 treats

As with any new supplement or food for your pet, start slowly and gradually increase to ensure it agrees with their digestive system.

Is it Safe to Give CBD oil to Pets?

Start slowly with your pet. Too much pet CBD oil too quickly can cause some side effects such as drowsiness, or dry mouth. To avoid these issues, be sure to start small, and increase incrementally. 

Are your products 3rd Party Lab Tested?

Yes!  Our products are 3rd party lab tested and are free of metals, solvent, and VOCs.

Where is your hemp from?

Aunt Bonnie's hemp is US grown.

Should I check with my Veterinarian? 

You should always check with your Veterinarian before starting use of any CBD product with your pet as you would with any other product or major lifestyle change. 

Can I give my Puppy or Kitten CBD Bites?

We do not recommend it.  Our CBD dog treats are designed for mature dogs.  

How Much CBD Should I Give My Dog or Cat?

The best way to determine the best daily pet organic CBD oil serving for your pet is to start small and incrementally increase the dose following our dose guide. Once your pet is showing improvement, maintain that dose for as long as you see results. You may have to increase the dosage again as their body adjusts to the effects.

Does CBD Work for Cats & Dogs?

Animals respond individually as each pet is unique. Many pets start showing results of relaxation within 30 minutes; however, some of CBD benefits take longer over time. Consistency is important with CBD pet oil, so be sure to administer daily.

Does Aunt Bonnie's sell other pet products?

Aunt Bonnie offers two CBD products for pets.  The Organic CBD oil which can be used with Cats & Dogs, and the CBD Chews for Dogs. 

Is CBD for dogs anxiety? Is CBD for cats anxiety?

CBD is known for its calming properties, just like humans, dogs can benefit from a full spectrum of naturally occurring cannabinoids as well. If your pet is distressed during flights, car rides, or time away from their human, they may benefit from pet cbd.

What is the best CBD dog treat?

Aunt Bonnie uses premium Full Spectrum Hemp products.  Our pet CBD products are all natural, grain-free, and free from pesticides, heavy metals, or other toxic substances.  Please take a moment to read our ingredient list on each product.

Will CBD for pets make my pet high?

Our CBD for pets contains not more than .03% THC and will not get your pet high.

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